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Why export?

The evidence from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is that exporting companies are more productive than non-exporters. They achieve stronger financial performance and have greater longevity.

Doing business overseas can lead directly to growth, improvements in efficiency levels and ideas for new products and services. Once a company has started to export to a new market this tends to increase confidence and ambition, leading to further growth; a virtuous circle.

Findings from recent surveys of UKTI trade clients show:

  • 85% said exporting led to a “level of growth not otherwise possible”
  • 87% said exporting had significantly improved their profile and credibility
  • 78% said exporting had given them exposure to new ideas
  • 73% said exporting had increased the commercial lifespan of products or services

UKTI’s publications

Information and help from Government and other organisations

The UK government provides help to exporters including:

This includes services such as the Passport to Export programme, which aims to help small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to start exporting or grow an emerging export business. Under this programme an exporter will be assigned a local UKTI expert to work with. The service lasts 12 months.

The Overseas Business Networks initiative (OBNi) is a source of support for British companies seeking to do business in 41 high-growth difficult to access markets across the world. It is developed through a partnership between UKTI, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the British Chambers of Commerce.

Open to Export is the Government supported free, online community for UK companies looking to grow internationally. It brings together experts from across the private sector and government agencies to help small and medium sized UK businesses successfully enter international markets.

Useful links:

Export Britain provides advice and assistance on all aspects of international trade.

Export for Prosperity is a directory of information on overseas markets.

UK Single Market Centre brings together all the practical support available to UK businesses and consumers to help them benefit from the EU single market

The Institute of Export is a professional membership body representing and supporting the interests of those operating within the export market.